Fuck Everything - ARRRR!

Probably just some wishful thinking

I got an application to Beauty Brands, the salon my hair stylist/friend works at. I know nothing about hair products, but he assured me that most of the retail workers didn't until they were trained. This makes me feel better, as well as the fact that the managers are pretty lenient on piercings and tattoos. I've been thinking about getting a nose or lip piercing, but I'm not sure if I'm actually going to go through with it. It might be a gift to myself once I lost a lot of weight.

Speaking of weight, it's been coming off slowly. D:

I'm going to find my workout clothes from the house and start going to the YMCA. If I spend a few hours walking and weight lifting, I'm sure I'll slim down faster. ♥
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Futurama - That Guy

Tips? Suggestions?

So I'm thinking about going back on a diet because fuck yeah, healthy living.

Last time, I just watched my fat and sugar intake (along with exercise). This worked pretty well, but maybe I should have considered calories, as well? I just assumed that fat and calories went hand in hand. If something was relatively low in fat, then it shouldn't be terribly high in calories, right? Eehhhhh...

Apparently for extreme weight loss I should consume around 1760 calories, which still seems like a lot. I'll give it a try for a week or so, and if it's too difficult, I'll bump it up to 1900.
Toy Story - Lookie!

Pixar, I love you <3

I saw Toy Story 3 again with another friend last night, and awwww, it was still adorable. :D
Apparently a card from Ellie and Carl Fredricksen can be seen on Andy's wall, but I totally missed it. I caught the Pizza Planet delivery car, though! Did anyone else catch any crossovers?


Also also, did anyone else think the whole devil/hell metaphor for the garbage dump was pretty dark, even for a Pixar movie?


I'm having a pretty epic summer so far, despite the fire. My friends and I have been hanging out a lot, and I hope we're still close during the school year. Two of my good friends and I are going to the same college, so we should be able to find time to hang out. My other friends are a year or two younger than I am, so they should be easy to meet up with, as well. I should just make them create a LJ. :>


I really hope she's nerdy. :D

lol update?

So there was an attic fire in my house a few weeks ago. The fire itself didn't really scare me (because my mom has insurance), but the neighbors just standing around watching my house burn down kind of irked me. Yeah, fires aren't an everyday thing, but really? Just standing around outside while avoiding eye-contact with me or my mom? Classy.

A woman up the street did ask us if we were okay and everything. I'm totally going to give her a gift basket once everything is cleaned up because she was such a sweetheart.

So, at the moment I'm staying at a hotel while the house is being fixed up. This is my second week staying here, and it's not totally bad. There's a pool ( which I can't fully enjoy because of my new piercing ; -; ) and free food, which is always a good thing. :D

I'm almost positive I'll be able to move back in sometime this week. The cleaning is done, and the house looks fantastic, except there's this hole in the ceiling. Hopefully it will be a quick fix for the repairers, BUT WHATEVERRR, IT CAN JUST BE A SUN ROOF.

Also, I don't know why I was so depressed a few weeks ago. Sorry if I killed the mood for anyone. :<
Heracross - Oh boy

YES, OH GOD, YES. ; _;

Despite sitting through some Alice in Wonderland presentations tomorrow, and I'm done with high school. ♥

A used book store just moved to a new location and is hiring, so I'm thinking about applying. There's a relaxed dress code and the people who work there seem pretty down to earth, so it seems extremely promising. Plus, I'll be around books, and that's always good. :D
I'm also planning on going to an anime convention with a few of my friends this summer. I haven't been to one before, so I'm super excited, fjdskfds~

What are your plans for the summer? :3
Fuck Everything - ARRRR!



I graduate in a few days which is pretty exciting. I already turned in my papers for college and received a pretty decent amount in scholarship money, now I'm just nervous about my roommate. Oh god oh god ohgod, I hope she's a nerd. :<

Also, fuck graduation parties, I'm just going to have a "summer birthday".
Fuck Everything - ARRRR!

Enneagram Test~

5 - the Observer 

Thanks for taking the test !

5 - the Observer

you chose BZ - your Enneagram type is FIVE (aka "The Thinker").
"I need to understand the world"

Observers have a need for knowledge and are introverted, curious, analytical, and insightful.

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Heracross - Oh boy



Yes, that is a toy Barbie car in my school's parking lot.
Yes, one of the officers at my school gave it a parking ticket.
I don't know if  I find this funny because of sleep deprivation, the fact that it's actually funny, or because I am an idiot.
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Fuck Everything - ARRRR!

dresses, flowers, and LOLCOLLEGE

So it's finally dress weather, yay!
However, knowing Iowa, it's probably going to snow next week because Mother Nature hates our ass.

I'm looking forward to gardening this year. Some of my flowers have already germinated (like my peony bush! :D), and I'm thinking about growing sunflowers, watermelons, corn, strawberries, and tomatoes. I know I'm going to grow more things, but I'm just not sure what.

Thinking about college still makes me nervous. I found out that two of my friends and I are going to the same college, which does help my nerves somewhat. I just wish I had an older sibling so I'd know what to expect.