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Stretching my ears, derp derp

 I'm going to stretch my ears to a 16g in a week or so, and my goal is a 12 or 10g. My friend is going to supply me with some of the tapers, because she kept everything (except for her 14g, which she lost). I'm not really nervous about the pain, because I'm not going to skip sizes or rush the process.

At the moment, I'm in love with the organic spirals and hanging styles. Too bad they cost a lot. ; _;
I have my eye on these~
Oval Bone Spiral
Tight Spiral
Swan Void
Quetzalcoatl Horn (I know, 8g, but ffffffff- Quetzalcoatl!)
Amboyna Plugs
Holly Plugs
B&W Ebony Plugs

Also, I went to Plato's Closet today and got three tops and a necklace for under twenty bucks. Fucking amazing. :D
Tags: body mods, friends

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